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Let’s try to segregate some of these concerns into specific architecture domains:

  • Business Architecture: How does a customer apply for a loan online?
  • Data Architecture: What information is needed to enable loan risk assessment and processing? How to manage customer info with maximum security, integrity and optimal cost, performance, reliability, consistency?
  • Application Architecture: What UX, process management, and functional system components/services are needed to enable customer loan application via mobile and web devices?
  • Integration Architecture: How will the distributed application component and services talk to each other?
  • Security Architecture: How to properly verify and authenticate customer identity? How to ensure that customer data is secure in a distributed environment? How to prevent unauthorized data access and data theft over the wire?
  • Technology Architecture: How to configure supporting infrastructure for high availability and recoverability in case of system or facility failure?
  • DevOps Architecture: How to enable rapid product delivery and continuous maintenance?


Вопросы для архитектурных решений:
– В чем суть принятого решения?
– Почему мы приняли такое решение?
– Какие альтернативные решения рассматривались и почему они были отвергнуты?