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Audit Quiz

Can you provide examples of experiments carried out in respect of each of your registered core activities? You will need to include the hypothesis the experiment was employed to test, the results and the conclusions reached.

Do you have documents to demonstrate this systematic progression from hypothesis to experiment, observation and analysis, leading to conclusions for each registered core activity.

In order to establish that your experiments for the registered core activity employed the scientific method, please answer the following questions:
Which of the following scientific principles was your project based on (please tick all that apply):
– Scientific Principles
– Engineering Principles
– ‘Know How’

Can you explain how you established that the outcome of each experiment could not be determined in advance? (you will need to comment on the knowledge gap that existed when the registered core activity was undertaken.)

Do you have documents to demonstrate that a knowledge gap existed at the commencement of the project?

Can you explain how the new knowledge is more than a simple progression from what is already known or how it is more than applying existing knowledge in a different context or location?

If software development was claimed as a core activity, can you describe the hypothesis, experimentation, observation, evaluation and conclusions?

Can you provide documentation which support your core and supporting activities? For example, if this involved the development of unique algorithms, the records should show how the company researched and established that no existing algorithms offered a suitable solution and the reasons why.


Agility – What to do
– find out where you are
– take a small step towards your goal
– adjust your understanding based on what you learned
– repeat

Agility – How to do it
– when faced with two or more alternatives that delivery roughly the same value, take the path that makes future change easier


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